Ballet is the foundation to all dance styles. Students will learn the classical technique and its terminology that every dancer and each style in the world shares. Ballet emphasizes line, form, technique and precision all danced with grace and beauty. It promotes body and spatial awareness as well as musicality.


Jazz classes will dive into the basics of this fun dance technique and will explore various styles of Jazz, such as Contemporary Jazz, Broadway Jazz and Hip Hop. Jazz dance is a fun and energetic class which focuses on technique and quick precision.



Tap classes will explore the fundamentals of tap and put all of those sounds together to make basic and intricate rhythmical patterns with our feet! Broadway and Rhythmic tap styles will be explored and attention to clean sounds and strong tap technique. Beginners will start with the basics while the more advanced classes will work on combining all the sounds, harder more complex steps and sounds to put together fun and energetic combinations.


Contemporary combines ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance into a beautiful and expressive dance style. This style is filled with emotion and draws the audience in with beautiful technique as well as inventive choreography. Students will begin with various warm-up techniques and will work on expressive and creative ways of dancing to tell a story as well as work on strong musicality skills.


Musical Theatre

Get ready to be a “triple threat” while learning dance, singing and acting! Musical theater is a wonderful class which focuses on all three performing arts styles while learning the history of the musical theater world. Exploration of different styles, songs and productions while focusing on character development, voice coaching, performance style and more!

Creative Movement

A class created for the budding littlest of dancers. This class is the beginning of movement and fun! Incorporating gross motor skill enhancements, strength, flexibility, spatial awareness and balance through games and music play. Creative movement also focuses on imagination and is 100% child centered through fun learning and dance!


Homeschool Program Class Descriptions

Both classes below will receive a syllabus and guidelines for the class. Every student will be required to see 2 professional shows and write a critical paper about the performances.


Kinesiology & Anatomy for Movement

This class will focus on the basics of anatomy such as the skeletal and muscular systems. We will then dive into how the body moves and why by exploring different forms of movement and how the body responds. This class will incorporate a full college prep curriculum based in not only Anatomy & Physiology but will be coupled with Dance/Movement Kinesiology. There will be reading material given, practical applications, homework and movement based exercises to foster experiential learning and fun.

Performing Arts History, Terminology & Professional Practices

This full curricular class will explore the entire performing arts world. With readings and lectures on performing arts history throughout the world, the role of the arts in the world, terminology as well as practical theater exploration. This class will also have experiential learning with technical theater, trips to visit different theaters, meeting industry professionals and preparing for auditions. This class is the ultimate preparation for students wanting to know more about the performing arts industry and students who are looking to explore a professional career whether on stage or behind the scenes.

Rhythmic Analysis and Improvisation

This class will encourage students to study musical patterns, musicality, and couple it with movement and improvisational skills. Through movement, acting, and sound, we will dive into all that rhythms have for us to hear and enhance knowledge of the fundamentals of music, how it applicable to all of the performing arts and the power it has to transform work on and off stage. 

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